Why Attend

Reasons to attend 5th edition of Global Exhibition on Services 2019

GES has been providing a definitive platform for ley services sectors from India to enhance the visibility of their offerings and trade ties to realize the full growth potential of the India service sectors.

  • Accelerate India's Services Exports
  • Platform for Government and Industry Interactions
  • Discover opportunities new technological developments in service sector
  • Grow your network by connecting and share ideas
  • Build relationships with potential business partners
  • Create synergy between multiple stakeholders
  • Networking opportunities through structured B2B/B2G/G2G
  • Attend professional workshops featuring cutting-edge research
  • Reposition the entire perception on Services, thus making India a Global Service Provider
  • Knowledge dissemination through focused Knowledge Sessions, Celebrity Talks, Ted-Talks
  • Learn skills, best practices and stay up-to-date
  • Meet new vendors & suppliers
  • Get professional training & advice from service consultants
  • Strengthen multilateral relationship among stakeholder across globe
  • Gain practical knowledge to improve processes
  • Streamline your service operations
  • Engage with relevant buyers
  • Reach company objectives through exceptional networking with senior-level executives
  • Establish professional network to achieve your goals
  • Enhance strategic cooperation
  • Increase resonance of "Brand -India Services" in the global mindscape