Visitor Speak

I am very happy that hospitality has been selected as one of the Champion sectors, which has tremendous potential in the economy and growth of India. I see a lot of potential where global visitors come into India, and I am very thankful for the government to encourage the hospitality and tourism sector. This event provides a good platform for networking.

Mr. Suhail Khan

Relationship Manager

Speciality Restaurants Ltd.

The exhibition was wonderful. I come from Uganda, and I am into medical tourism. This was our first opportunity at this exhibition. We already have tieups with some of India’s biggest hospitals, including Fortis, and I have already received more proposals from other clients too. This exhibition provided a very good opportunity to showcase our services.

Mr. Elia Mugume

Founder & CEO

Travel Abroad Solution & Services

I find this exhibition very interesting and comprehensive. I would divide two things: one is that the exhibition is very versatile and have covered different angles. Visitors can see several industries like design, medical tourism, and how different States of India are demonstrating their potential. On the other hand, foreign countries are mostly focusing on tourism.

Dr Yury Sigov

Chief of Bureau

Abroad Magazine

This is my first day at the exhibition. I have come specifically for the sessions in the financial services sector. It’s insightful to learn different opinions from the leading people from the industry. As far as my sector is concerned, I am looking forward to the section on financial technology because that is the area where my company is active in. This is a great opportunity to learn from veterans and also to network with people from my industry. 

Ms. Sanskriti Narula

Manager Digital

Aditya Birla Payments Bank

I am from China and visiting GES 2018 for networking and I find this exhibition helpful as I represent golf tourism and want to promote the same  in India.

Ms. Lingli Jiang

Managing Director

Lingli Golf Tour