Champion Sectors

Services Sectors

Services sector is a key driver in India’s economic growth with significant contribution in Trade, GDP, Employment and Foreign Investments.

  • The services sector has contributed 57.12 % of India’s Gross Value Added at current prices in H1 2018-19.
  • India is a net services exporter of US$ 77.56 billion during 2017-18.
  • Employing 33% of India’s population.
  • India is a growing services powerhouse of the world and the world's largest outsourcing destination for IT & IT enabled services, a popular medical tourism spot, growing Infrastructure and Construction services market, an attractive destination for VFX, animation & post-production services and many more.

Investment Scenario

The services category is the highest recipient of FDI Inflows in India with share of over 60% in the total foreign investments into India. Services Sector (Banking, financial, consultancy services, etc.), Computer Software & Hardware, Telecommunications, Construction development, Trading, Hotel and Tourism, Information & Broadcasting, Hospital & Diagnostic Centres, Consultancy Services and Sea Transport are the top services sectors attracting highest FDI inflows.

Champion Services Sectors

Champion Services Sectors alludes to the 12 services sectors identified by the Department of Commerce to give focused attention promoting their development and realizing their potential. Under the scheme, concerned Line Ministries/Departments are directed to formulate cross-cutting action plans to promote their growth of champion services sectors of India. The Union Cabinet has approved creation of a dedicated fund of Rs.5000 crore to enable expedited approvals for funding, as required, of sectoral initiatives of the identified Champion Services sectors.




Indian Banking sector comprises of 27 public sector banks, 21 private sector banks, 49 foreign banks and 56 regional rural banks. Indian Banking sector has registered strong growth in the past decade. Demand for loans has grown for both corporate & retail, particularly in services, real estate, consumer durables & agriculture allied sectors.


Indian Telecommunication market is currently world’s second largest market with the subscription base of over 1.16 Billion as of June 2018, next to China.


India is known worldwide as an important contributor in the global education industry. Indian Higher Education is 3rd largest in the world after US and China with over 35 million students enrolled and 850 universities.

Medical Value Travel

Indian Healthcare Sector is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in terms of revenue and employment. It comprises of Hospitals, clinical trials, outsourcing, medical devices, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment.

Construction & Related Engineering

Infrastructure sector plays and important role in the growth and development of Indian economy. Nearly, 9% of India’s GDP is spent on Infrastructure services. It comprises of construction of power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure development which also forms as base and supporting factor for other services sectors.


We deploy expert teams across varying services within the power sector to meet the needs of electrical projects through the entire asset lifecycle, from construction, installation, completions and commissioning, to maintenance and operations.


India is the world’s 2nd largest legal professionals market with more than 600,000 lawyers. Although, legal services sector is one of the most restricted sectors both in India as well as globally, but now initiatives are being taken to open up legal services sector in India by allowing foreign


Indian Media ad Entertainments sector is growing very fast and is projected to be the 2nd fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China. increasing digitisation, higher usage of internet, rising incomes and evolving lifestyles in the past two decades contributing significantly to the growth of Indian Media and Entertainment sector.

Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services

India is the largest and fastest growing Information Technology and IT enabled services sourcing destination across the world. Contributing approximately 55% market share (US $185-190 Billion) to Global Services Sourcing Business in 2017-18, India continues to grow at a faster pace as compared to overall IT-BPM Industry of the world.

Tourism and Hospitality

Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s largest economic sectors, creating exports and prosperity around the world. As per Global Economic Impact of Travel & Tourism (2018), Travel and Tourism sector has contributed 10.4% to global GDP, 4.6% in direct travel and tourism GDP, 9.9% of global employment highlighting high growth worldwide.

Transport and Logistics

Logistics Services in India is a prominent sector in terms of contribution to national and state incomes, trade flows, FDI as well as employment. Considering the huge contribution of logistics and transportation in economic growth, approx.