Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Concept Note

Evolving lifestyle trends have revolutionized the human mindset, and a great deal of importance is now attached to concepts such as Wellness. Currently, the approach to Wellness is proactive rather than reactive. While Ayurveda, health foods and drinks and tonics have traditionally been integral to the Indian diet, Indians are now increasingly looking at new avenues of Wellness, in line with their proactive approach. In order to maintain and improve their Wellness, they engage in activities such as regular exercise, massage therapies and counseling.

According to a research conducted by PwC in 2013 the overall wellness market in India was estimated at INR 700 billion. Driven by the country’s current demand and supply dynamics, India’s Wellness industry is poised to grow at a double-digit rate over the next five years, with certain sectors, such as spas and beauty treatments, projected to grow at more than 35–40%. The growing wellness industry has attracted a large number of domestic entrants and international players. Established players are pursuing revenue maximization through product and service diversification and are exploring new global and domestic markets. And while franchising is emerging as a popular option for scaling up, companies are actively seeking public and private equity investments to fuel their growth.

Objectives of the Conference

  • Provide networking and collaboration platform to facilitate dialogue between players of Wellness space to create organized approach
  • Acknowledge Wellness as a preventive healthcare measure in alleviating diseases and reducing the burden of curative healthcare infrastructure and cost.
  • Understanding investment opportunities in Indian Wellness Industry.
  • Increase training personnel from formalized training institutes with government regulation.
  • Establish wellness service providers under the system of organized healthcare.
  • Define roadmap for synergistic coordination between public and private sector
  • Provide Networking and collaboration Platform
  • Sensitize all stakeholders including the Central and the State Governments to catalyze the necessary policy changes that are needed to make this sector more vibrant and competitive
  • Recommend policy changes that would help corporatize the Industry
  • Make industry aware of global standards and benchmarks through international meets

Who should attend

  • Health & Wellness Administrators
  • Spa & Gymnasium Companies
  • Salons & Slimming Centres
  • Herbal manufacturers & retailers
  • Nutritionists
  • Skin and Hair care Services
  • Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani,Yoga,Homeopathy & Naturopathy centres
  • Health & Fitness professionals
  • Beauty and Wellness Professionals
  • Wellness equipment manufacturers
  • Cosmetic and Herbal Companies
  • Researchers
  • Stake holders in-Hospitals, Hotels, Institutions, SME

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