Next Gen Cities

Next Gen Cities

GES 2018 proposes to focus on the sector excellence to expand its global footprint. One of the key focuses is Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities is NEXT GEN CITIES.

Next Gen Cities

By 2050, around 70% of the people will be living in cities and India is no exception in this regard. The rapid growth of urban population both natural and through migration, has put heavy pressure on public utilities like housing, transport, water, Sewerage Trash Disposal, electricity, health, education and so on. There is an emerging need for the cities to get smarter in India so that it would tackle the issues related with the large-scale urbanization. 

Next Gen Cities 2018 would provide an platform for companies to showcase smart cities and urban planning technologies, strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe.

The aim is to provides networking forum for Government, experts, city planners, entrepreneurs and service providers to collectively find solutions to urban challenges and industry to offer their product and services for the development of Next Gen Cities.

The expo will be more than just an exhibition, It will be an ideal platform to:

Cater to the needs of the Current and upcoming Smart Cities in India.

Showcase the latest and innovative solutions highlighting the need and usage

Showcase the ability to fulfill the emerging needs of Cities.

Next Gen Cities 2018 would feature:

  • A Three -Day Exhibition
  • Smart Technology Demos
  • Start Up Zone
  • Country Delegations
  • Roundtable Discussion


  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Transportation/ Mobility
  • Smart Water & Waste Management
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Security
  • Smart Building
  • Internet of Things (IOT)


  • Government representatives from Ministries
  • Regulatory Bodies, Municipalities, Local Authorities etc.
  • Embassies and Trade Offices
  • CEOs, COOs, VPs, Country Managers
  • Senior management or decision makers of public and private organizations
  • Engineers, Architects, and Consultants
  • Suppliers and buyers of relevant technologies
  • Companies and consultants involved in smart cities concepts
  • Project management companies
  • System integrators
  • Builders and property developers
  • End-users, etc.

Contact Details:

Mr Amit Mehta / Mr Gaurav Giroti
M: +91-98109-83666 / +91 98993-34599
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