Environmental Services

Environmental Services


Global ecosystems are under severe threat and the degradation of the ecosystems is very relevant to the business as any other stakeholder. Hence, the management of our environment is of utmost importance to all including businesses. Today, we cannot afford to take the environment for granted; industries need to minimize their impact on the environment and protect the environment. The global market for environmental goods and services is expected to grow to almost $800 billion by 2015, according to the UK Centre for Economic and Environmental development, representing 45% overall growth over a ten-year period. Estimates for the total market for environmental goods and services in India ranges as high as $10 billion and growth is projected at about 10% rate annually over the next several years

Environmental services as components of sustainable strategies and operations are offerings that decrease negative environmental impact while providing economic, social and environmental benefits to consumers and producers. Organisations are gradually realizing their environmental footprint and have begun seeking tools to reduce their impacts thereby creating a demand for environmental services to innovate and deliver tools to help businesses operate with reduced negative environmental impacts, increased positive social impact as well as increased profitability. India, home to 16% of the world’s population, with a population density of 333 persons/sq. km and urbanisation rate of 25% shows tremendous potential in environment protection along with waste and water management. With increased focus on various aspects such as energy and water efficiency. Climate change impact assessment and adaptation, carbon management, lifecycle assessment, green supply chain and master planning for urban development amongst others, environmental services are how covering a range of technical and tactical services encompassing these new domains of interest for organisations hence helpful in developing sustainable solutions for the same. The environmental service providers are responsible for driving the value and benefits of incorporating environmental and sustainable design into all areas of their clients’ work plan and its implementation.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Water supply and distribution management
  • Operation and management of sewage treatment plant
  • TSDF operators
    • - Municipal solid waste
    • - E-waste management
    • - Bio-medical waste management
    • - Battery recyclers
  • Waste to energy plants
  • Energy management companies
  • Renewable Energy ( EPC service providers)
    • - Solar energy
    • - Wind energy
    • - Bio-energy
    • - Geothermal energy
  • Electric & Hybrid vehicles
  • Climate change Services
    • - Carbon credit verification and validation
    • - GHG emission measuring
    • - Carbon neutrality for buildings
  • Ports, Terminals and Maritime Environment Management
  • Monitoring and testing services ( environment labs and equipment manufactures)
  • Environment training institutes
  • Environment NGOs
  • Pollution Control Boards
  • Environment Consultants

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