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B2B Meetings, B2G Meetings, G2G Meetings

A notable feature of GES 2018 is the Business to Business (B2B) meetings facilitated by CII's Online Business Resource Centre. Delegates can fix meetings through the online business portal among domestic and international delegates. B2B meetings will take place in designated areas in and around exhibition halls. For B2B, you have to compulsorily register as a business visitor or exhibitor. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive username and password for you to pre-fix B2B meetings during GES. Your email will be your user login and later you can reset password. Make sure to give your individual email IDs and not generic onces. B2B meetings can be pre- fixed with registered delegates from various service verticals including IT & Telecom, Professional Services, Tourism, Education, Media & Entertainment, SMEs in Services, Health Care, Logistics, R&D, and Space among others.

The B2B portal offers a number of advantages:

  • It enables delegates to request meetings with each other in a structured format
  • Helps in shortlisting other industry delegates
  • Delegates can schedule meeting as per the time slot and venue on the day of the programme
  • Accept/Cancel/reschedule meetings as per one's convenience
  • Delegates can upload project/product profile in the platform for others to see
  • Allows personalized email communication
  • Regular updates
  • Visibility can be hidden if desired by the delegates

Please register first to get B2B Log In password.

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